iBall CTV27 Claro TV Tuner with AV and FM Radio

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iBall LCD TV Box Claro TV - Tuner / FM / AV - CTV27 TV Tuner Card
Better display, enhanced experience

The iBall LCD TV - Tuner transforms your regular television set into an effective multimedia device. So, you are free from unclear and distorted visuals, enhancing your overall viewing experience. At the same time, this tuner card enhances the sound quality and offers a seamless audio experience. It comes with high resolution output that provides detailed images. The PIP function of this device facilitates easy adjustment of the size and position of the window. It is also armed with an HD TV box which is capable of supporting HD resolution up to 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Improved visuals and enhanced sound

With its cutting edge display technology, this TV tuner card brings more clarity to every visual. The high-resolution output of this iBall LCD TV Tuner Card takes you up close and personal with every visual; hence you never miss out on any detail. It also prevents haziness and flickering. Along with effective visuals, this device is also able to generate high quality sound. Its in-built speakers are designed to produce quality sound output and you get to listen to every sound bit with enriched clarity.

Noise reduction features for better sound and remote control

If the background sound is causing disturbance in your multimedia experience, then switch to the iBall TV Tuner Card as it comes with sound reducing features. The noise reduction properties of this device cancel the outside noise, giving you a wholesome entertainment experience. This tuner card comes with a remote control that offers convenient control of this device.

Child lock and built-in FM

This Tuner Card comes with a wide array of features that make your life more convenient. It has an FM radio feature which allows you to tune in to your favourite radio channel on the go. Thus, music is only a button away. Moreover, it comes with a child lock feature as well. This feature locks the various TV channels that show any explicit or adult content.